• Week 4 at Drama Studio London

    Posted on August 31, 2014 by in Blog

    Drama Studio


    Well! They weren’t kidding about intense!

    In the last four weeks since Day 1, everything’s been kicked up several notches. Voice classes are demanding more and more practice/warm up time (my housemates now have a very warped opinion of my showering habits after hearing me ‘sirening’), Singing classes have us learning lyrics like it’s going out of fashion, Theatre History has everybody rattling through the Greeks and Plantagenets like nobody’s business and even that lovely and simple Box step we learnt in Movement has been stepped up to a funky fast R n B track and to be leapt through at double time.

    Movement is, in fact, turning into one of my favourite classes. We’ve just about got that R n B dance down, along with an Irish Folk Dance, a Flamenco and a contemporary routine to The Civil Wars. Not to mention a grueling warm up that turned out to be the stuff of DSL legend. Sweaty doesn’t cover it.

    We’ve also started a foray into other mediums which is something I’ve been looking forward to since reading the prospectus for the very first time. Radio is a wonderful class, both teachers so far have given us interesting scripts and wonderful advice. We’ve recorded a fair bit of drama and we’re all waiting to hear the playbacks. After only two lessons of TV, I’m already a big fan. Fingers crossed I’ll turn out to be great at it, but after finding out that hitting marks is a bit of a pain, I’ve come to realise it’ll take a fair amount of work just to stop concentrating on that and not the lines!

    Sight Reading and Improvisation classes are completely new to me too, along with Yoga and the frankly hilarious Stage Combat lessons. No one could quite wait for the excuse to begin hitting each other and as much as I absolutely love my classmates, strangling and slapping them is much more fun than debating about Uncle Vanya with them. Safely, of course. Class Motto: No pain, no pain.

    In other news I still haven’t lost a game of Samurai (total now stands at 5 if anyone’s counting) and I’ve discovered that The Bell Jar is wonderful, but I need a good dose of Lego Movie to recover from it. Fantastically, I’ve registered with Equity and bagged my name! Now for a good headshot session for the Spotlight deadline!

    Next week we’re taking a school wide trip to The Globe to see The Comedy of Errors (too excited!) and will be starting our first Scene Study for performance at the end of September. Things are kicking off down in Ealing!