‘Eavesdropping’ – Angel Theatre Company, 5th-16th July 2016 

“For my money, the pick of the bunch was … Lottie Davies, … remarkable in her ability suddenly to seem much older than she is without any help from costume or makeup.” – Roger Mortimer,

“Particularly worthy of note … Lottie Davies, who just seemed to inhabit each [role] far more snugly than the others, with a distinct character created even for a few moments.” – Caroline Hanks-Farmer, Carns Theatre Passion


‘Victorian and Gay’ – Another Soup Theatre Company, 5th-31st December 2015

“Special notice has to be given to Lottie Davis who is an unrelenting comedic joy as Mrs Winterbottom. There is sensitive side to the bold brassness of the cook that is never lost throughout the performance.” – The New Current

“Mrs Winterbottom’s (Lottie Davies) boobage, drunken friskiness and Welsh inflections make her the shiniest bauble, sparkliest star and filthiest fairy on this Xmas evergreen.” – Thabian Sutherland, The Gay UK

“Lottie Davies’ boisterous Mrs. Winterbottom proving to be a huge hit with the audience…Davies as Queen [Victoria] is one of the highlights of the show.” – Ellie Dillon Reams, the LBGTQ Arts Review

“Lottie Davies was impressive as surly cook Mrs Winterbottom, the sole antithesis to the other highly jolly characters” – Chris Omaweng, London Theatre 1

“But of course the most showy role is that of Mrs Winterbottom, played by Lottie Davies.” – Aline Waites, The Islington Gazette

“…by far the most rambunctious” – Planet Nation

“Lively, cheeky, romp” – Catherine Usher, The Stage