• Restoration Comedy at Drama Studio London

    Posted on March 31, 2015 by in Blog
    Restoration 1

    Lottie Davies as Dorinda in The Beaux’ Stratagem

    I’ve been looking forward to the Restoration Comedy block since I confirmed my place at Drama Studio London. It’s a genre I’ve always admired from a distance and I’ll admit I’ve drooled over the idea of those beautiful dresses, so when the time finally came to take my turn at Restoration, I grabbed it with both hands.

    This time our six days of rehearsals wasn’t spread over a month, we only had two weeks to put the show together and perform whilst still taking our normal variety of classes. Our intrepid director David Tucker made sure to push us all to our limits on all fronts. He paired seemingly frantic chaos and wild costume/character changes with the specific technical ability needed to stretch every one of us in a fun filled farce that had the audience giggling from the get-go.

    I was cast in four distinctive roles: a grumpy cook, a scullery maid, a one eyed cockney highwayman and a virginal young girl falling in love. This casting turned my hour-long performance into a rollicking rollercoaster full of petticoats, lace and accents in quick succession. It was fantastically fun and I’ve always loved multi-roling, I’m so glad I had this brilliant chance to stretch my range AND enjoy myself.

    This has been so valuable, I enjoyed the rehearsal process and the performances immensely and was so thrilled that Drama Studio gave us all the chance to explore a genre that’s perhaps a little unexpected but still so relevant in today’s entertainment.



    L-R back row: Rachel Fenwick (Mrs Sullen), Simao Ramos (Archer), Karen Whyte (Lady Bountiful). Front row: Lottie Davies (Dorinda), Alex Gordon (Aimwell)



    David Hopper (Boniface) and Lottie Davies (Gibbet) in “The Beaux’ Stratagem”