• London Preparations

    Posted on June 28, 2014 by in Blog

    I’ve been slowly going a bit mad since February, this is the longest period I’ve gone since primary school without being in a show or having to learn lines and life feels a bit empty without it. Thankfully, my One Year Course at Drama Studio London will cure me of this!

    It’s 37 days til term starts, not that I’m counting obsessively or anything, and I’ve been working through the equipment and reading lists to make certain I’m thoroughly prepared. I have TWO practice skirts, one of which was lovingly made for me by hand when I was in Measure for Measure in 2012, which will have to be dyed black, the other was a bargain find online! I already had half of the books on the reading list (including four copies of the complete works of Shakespeare in various mediums), so that’s been easy too. My librarians aren’t my biggest fans right now though, it’s very tricky to take out just one copy of a playscript I’m told.

    I’ve worked pretty much constantly from December with only half of Sunday off every week. It’s a bit of a slog but it’s got to be done. Not long left now, and then I’ll have my evening and weekends back!I’m managing to squeeze in some gym every evening before I get back to work, I figured that DSL will expect me to be able to move for long periods of time so I’ve starting battling the crosstrainer and having a go at some classes. I don’t know what I’ve done to that Burn N’ Firm teacher but I think she wants me dead. At least a complete inability to move the next day denotes calorie burning and toning. That’s something to enjoy.

    I’ve also managed to get a room sorted in Ealing which is very exciting! Let’s hope my new roommate doesn’t mind me hollering showtunes. Come to think of it, I hope the Voice Coach doesn’t mind me hollering my showtunes! That poor man won’t know what’s hit him. I’ll be a good test of how much of a miracle worker he is though. Silver linings, eh?

    Apart from working, making the most out of my gym membership and boring everybody stupid with detail of the curriculum (yes I’ve read the full curriculum), there’s always time for impatient longing and a spot of reading. Now, how many hours is it until I start…