• Cinders, there’s something I have to tell you!

    Posted on March 2, 2014 by in Blog

    This February I’ve been hiding in the Penymynydd and Penyffordd Institute as Buttons in the 2014 Pantomime – Cinderella!

    I got to dust off my “He’s behind you”s and kick off the year as the cheeky Buttons in our local charity Panto. As well as hitting the high notes (nearly) and dancing along to Footloose, I had a wide range of scenes to play with. After falling on my bottom a number of times (mostly intentionally) and pulling some faces at the nearest group of children, I got to play some sympathetic scenes as Buttons tries and fails to tell Cinderella how he feels. I did, however, get to end up with the Fairy Godmother, which is better than a lot of Buttons character get at the end! Thank goodness there wasn’t an Ugly Stepsister left over for me!

    Our community Panto is under a bit of strain at the moment, and woefully there has been talk of discontinuing. However, I took to social media and am delighted to welcome a new director to the project as I and a handful of others must leave the group. Good Luck to all!

    So, as I try and scrub all this glitter out of my hair and eyes, I can safely say our Panto had a brilliantly happy ending.



    My Pantomime Roles so far-


    Frankenstein the Panto 2008 – Ethel Moanes from St Trinians

    Sleeping Beauty 2009 – Wicked Witch Olga Pong

    Beauty and the Beast 2010 – Prince Valentine/The Beast

    Treasure Island 2011 – The Good Fairy

    Cinderella 2014 – Buttons