• First Day at Drama Studio London

    Posted on August 5, 2014 by in Blog


    Well I’m here!

    I moved down to Ealing last Saturday and launched right into my intensive course and wow! The first day on Monday was fairly nerve racking but as all 42 of us are in the same boat I felt a lot better about it all. Until I realised that no, actually, we aren’t all in the same boat. A good proportion of the students sitting around me have already undergone a lot of formal training as opposed to me with a BSc. I seem like I’ve just wandered in off the streets in comparison to some people, but have they ever played Samurai before? Nope, I can beat anybody in a warm up game (with a decent headstart on the rules!) – I may have rediscovered my competitive side.

    The great thing about this course is that it intends to get us all onto the same level, and that will mean a massive leap in development for people like me with no prior training. I feel as though I’ve learnt a lot already even though we’re only just starting up.

    We had an exciting voice class first thing in the morning, followed by some scene study (there’s so much prep reading!) and a super fun Improvisation class before movement. Dancing is something I’ve really been looking forward to and even a simple box step in ballroom hold made my day – I’ve been warned that on Thursday it’ll be time for a lot of new moves more complicated than this.

    We’ve got a lot of reading and line learning to do before the end of this week but I can’t stop smiling. My class group of ten is full of fantastic people, the teachers are amazing and there’s nothing like doing what you love. I’m so excited for the year ahead, the changes it will bring about in me and all the great friends I’ll continue making, but now it’s beginning to fly past I’m going to savour every moment.

    Definitely time for reading now.