• Ensemble Production – Antigone

    Posted on July 6, 2015 by in Blog


    antigone bestOn 15th and 17th June, I performed as the Messenger in Antigone directed by the wonderful Brendan Murray at the New Diorama Theatre.


    Having never been in a Greek Tragedy before, this was a steep learning curve. There were lots of tears, lots of poetic bad news and a LOT of new names with fun pronunciations to get lost in. Thankfully I didn’t have one, so when I explained to people who I was playing, I had little to do. However, within the play, my speeches mentioned every single character involved in the action of the play, and even those who had died before any of the action happened!

    As an ensemble production, we all had equal casting and swapped in and out of roles, playing both named characters and chorus members throughout the performance. This was a fantastic opportunity to work on my multi-roling skills and I managed to play two contrasting characters with some success.

    It was a fantastic learning experience – I’m now a Greek Tragedy convert! Hand me Oedipus Rex, I’m on a role!