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    What a fortnight it’s been! I’ve hardly had time (or room) to breathe, I’m reeling from all the shouts of children still ringing in my ears and there’s glitter all over my flat. I couldn’t be happier!

    I was cast as Bow Bells the Fairy in Dick Whittington, one of three Pantomimes put on by the 1 Year and second Year of the 2 year programme students of Drama Studio London. This meant the traditional speaking in rhyme, finding an ethereal way of moving around the stage and lots of petticoats. We only had a week to prepare the show before performing to six local schools and the other casts along with family and friends in two additional showings.

    Our wonderful director, Matthew Parker, steered what must have sometimes seemed like a crazed runaway train to success and encouraged every one of the 23 strong cast to create an individual and dynamic character that defied convention. The children loved our varied range of characters and laughed along with every joke and silly face we threw at them. Their renditions of the rousing Sausage Song were joyous and far louder than we could ever have expected. All I can say is that the whole experience was an entirely rewarding one and I was a little overwhelmed when we realised just how much of a great time the audiences were having.

    I also got a chance to get my actor-musician practice in, the French Horn was cracked out for a few traditional songs and nursery rhymes, as well as being featured in the Horn section of a big band rock’n’roll number. Besides looking rather hilarious in my large and glittering costume clutching my French Horn (not the most graceful of the musical instruments),  I thoroughly enjoyed my part in the music of the show.

    Drama Studio recovered from the Panto chaos with an end of year Cabaret and a visit from Santa himself! I was MC for the cabaret night in addition to appearing in other sketches and songs I’d co-written with performers and friends. I sang as our Voice Teacher in a Mulan ‘Be a Man’ parody, I screamed as a nun exorcising the demonic Peggy Babcock from our Articulation classes and I cracked jokes in between acts to get everyone ready for our grand Christmas finale.

    It’s been a wonderful end to a brilliant two terms, bring on Term 3 and the Shakespeare block!

    Lottie Davies as Bow Bells in Dick Whittington

    Lottie Davies as Bow Bells in Dick Whittington