• Graduating Production – Children in Uniform

    Posted on July 19, 2015 by in Blog

    Children 1


    16th-17th July in the Tristan Bates Theatre.

    Directed by Peter Craze.


    With an exceptionally long rehearsal period (4 whole weeks!) this was probably the most preparation time I’ll ever be given before a performance. I had two small roles within the 1931 Christa Winslowe play ‘Children in Uniform’.

    I played the uptight yet secretly rebellious Marga von Rasso, head girl and bossy-boots at the strict boarding school for girls in Northern Germany. Marga enjoyed playing the Ukulele, meeting in secret with the Butcher’s Boy and telling everyone else just what to jolly well do.

    Children 2I also got to play the cheeky nurse Sister Hanni. Well experienced and cynical, she wasn’t worried by the severe hangover one of the students was suffering, she even found it pretty funny. Hanni was a joy to play and I had a wonderful time combining her cynicism, caring qualities, professional attitude and her inability to face up to authority in just one short scene in act 2. She deserves a play all to herself!

    The professionalism of the technical side of this production was vastly impressive and the costumes in particular were fantastic. My bedroom scene ensemble featured a trick chemise that burst open at strategic moments.

    A sorrowful farewell to my time at Drama Studio is ahead with graduation just around the corner, ┬ábut I’m feeling ready and optimistic. Let’s see what happens!