• Baroque to the Future

    Posted on May 1, 2016 by in Blog

    That’s not even my favourite pun of the night – there were so manyvery short page boy!

    This week I dashed over to the Victoria and Albert Museum (will those two NEVER leave me alone?) to do a bit of stand up and present thrilling entertainers to King Louis 16th and Marie Antoinette in the new European Gallery.

    Dolled up in a French Page outfit and armed with the rules of ettiquette in the French Court at Verssailles, I terrorised very large audiences with my very strong accent and corny jokes – and went down a storm! I had an abssolute ball and received many many lovely compliments, but alas, I wasn’t allowed to keep the knee highs.

    I was more impressed with my French knowledge myself, after I was mistaken for a real French speaker and bombarded with questions in the language I dropped for GCSEs. Turns out with a wig I can blag anything!

    Many thanks to the director of the piece Ben Borowiecki, my fellow actors Joe Clarke (as King Louis), Sadie Parsons (Marie Antoinette) and the brilliant acts I got to introduce, including Lord Hicks, ukelele playing star of the Q Factor and all round legend.

    I think I’m definitely hooked on stand up comedy, let’s see where that adventure takes me!